Board Game System Meeting

Yesterday, we had our first group meeting discussing our board game system that we are going to make.

We decided on our aesthetic goal for it. We wanted the player to experience different emotions of excitement, intense competition and an element of strategy.

I get excited about the challenge in meeting those requirements in the game and I hope that we will be able to make it happen.

When we had discussed the aesthetic goal that we wanted to achieve then we moved on to a system. We went back to the system that we had created earlier during the course which was a system with cards that had different colours on them and numbers. We thought about integrating this into a movement system.

We decided that for this week we were going to make something playable with this movement system and we planned to meet up another day and discuss it further.

Below is a sample picture of our system that we made:


We plan to keep most of it but tweak it so that it represents the ideas that we have in mind.

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