A Serious Problem for Serious Games

It’s been a while since I wrote in this blog but it has been a couple of busy weeks. So I’ll give you an update on what I have done and what’s coming.

The problem for serious games that I decided to do was Global Warming. It was a big problem but I felt that the focus on global warming has decreased in late years. That is because I remember it when it was all over the news and everywhere and then it vanished from news and I think that it would be good to get the focus back on it. I do know that it could still be a hot subject in certain areas but in the public eyes or rather my eyes it has vanished.

I thought that global warming could be a good subject for a serious game. The one idea I got in mind is that you control the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and depending on what you do it will increase/decrease and you could integrate the suggested solutions. As with all games it would take some work to make this a playable game but it would certainly be interesting if you could make it work.

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