Mechanics Design Final Product


This is my final resource design for my course Serious Games. Unfortunately, I could not find a way to post the xml file that will make the picture interactive meaning that you can’t run it 😦

Anyway, the basic idea is that you start with 500 money that you can invest in 2 different options. Energy and property but you can’t invest in property unless you have water and electricity. So you start with investing in energy with which you can build waterworks and wind turbines. They will produce the water and electricity that you need to invest in property, but if you invest too much in energy in the beginning then you can easily run out of money because there is a cost of running the waterworks and wind turbines. However, if you invest in property you can get income(but they have a cost too) and invest in more things. It’s a balancing act of how much you can do. If you do things too fast it can easily spiral down and activate the losing condition which is money = 0.

You can win by environmental victory, property victory and economic victory. The reason why I choose to have three winning conditions was because I wanted to give the player an opportunity to focus on whatever interests them and not simply have a boring victory that was all about money.

2 thoughts on “Mechanics Design Final Product

  1. Storankan says:

    Looking good! :p

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